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Norman's Desmond's Hearing Loss Claim Settles for £10,000.00 (Enniskillen, Irvinestown)

Norman was employed by Desmond & Sons (Desmond's) in Enniskillen and Irvinestown for approximately 7 years between 1993 and 2000.  He was employed as a mechanic in the Engineering Department.  He was exposed to excessive noise from machinery throughout the factories including sewing machines, grinders, welders, generators and air compressors.  Unfortunately, Norman was not provided […]

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Jane’s Gallahers Hearing Loss Claim Settles for £10,500.00 (Ballymena)

Jane worked in the Gallaher factory in Ballymena between 1977 and 2016. This factory made cigarettes and other tobacco products until it closed in 2016. Jane was employed as a machine operator. She was exposed to production machinery on the shop floor. She had commenced her employment as a hand weigher, weighing tobacco. She recalled […]

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John’s Michelin Tyre Plc Hearing Loss Claim settles for £12,375.00 (Ballymena)

John worked for Michelin Tyre Plc in Ballymena between 1998 and 2018. This factory was processing rubber into tyres for cars and commercial vehicles. John was employed as machine operator in Department 2 where he was tasked to make rubber. When he started the mills were manually operated but after two years they became automatic. […]

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Maura’s Killyleagh Flax Spinning Company Hearing Loss Claim Settles for £20,000.00 (Killyleagh)

Maura worked for Killyleagh Flax Spinning Company in Killyleagh for around 2 years in the late 1980’s. This factory was processing flax into yarn and linen for the textile industry. She was employed in the wet spinning department of the mill. The flax, which she had to process, was called rove. It was pulled through […]

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Patrick’s Herdmans Hearing Loss Claim Settles for £19,500.00 (Sion Mills)

Patrick was employed by Herdmans in Sion Mills for approximately 17 years between 1987 and 2004. He was initially employed as a machine operator in the machine room and then went on to become a spinner in the spinning room in Herdmans. He was exposed to excessive noise from machinery in these parts of the […]

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Mary’s Hearing Loss Claim Against Adria Settles for £11,000.00 (Strabane)

Mary was employed by Adria in Strabane for approximately 14 years between 1978 and 1992. She was employed as a machinist. Throughout the course of her employment with Adria, she was responsible for operating a takatori machine and a flatlocker machine which were in constant operation throughout the working day. Throughout her period of employment […]

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Catherine’s Hearing Loss Claim Against Herdmans, Desmonds and Daintifyt Settles for £10,000.00 (Sion Mills, Omagh, Plumbridge)

Catherine was employed by Herdmans in Sion Mills for a 6 year period between 1984 and 1990. She was employed as a winder in the winding room in Herdmans. She was exposed to excessive noise from large winding machines on a daily basis during the course of her employment. Catherine went on to work as […]

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