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Have you suffered due to an industrial disease?

Many former industrial workers across Northern Ireland experience severe illness and lifelong health conditions because of their employer's negligence. Without the appropriate safety equipment, you may be at risk of serious disease – or you may already have been diagnosed with a long-standing condition as a result. Our expert team at Millar McCall Wylie handles all industrial disease cases with empathy, understanding and keen legal insight to achieve the best outcome for you.

Have you received an industrial disease diagnosis?

If your doctor or a medical professional has diagnosed you with a disease caused by your workplace failing to protect you, then you may have a claim for industrial disease. Our expert team includes specialists in the legal area of industrial disease, and we cover a wide array of different illnesses and conditions. Some of the most common claims we see are for asbestosis, repetitive strain injuries, COPD, asthma, vibration white finger, and hand-arm vibration syndrome. If you believe that your health has been affected by your employment speak to one of our experts today.

How can Millar McCall Wylie help?

As dedicated experts in industrial disease claims, our expert team are the ideal choice to achieve an excellent outcome on your industrial disease claim. We understand the severity and lifelong consequences of your employer’s failure to protect you. We use our expertise and excellent training to seek appropriate compensation against negligent employers across Northern Ireland.

As part of Millar McCall Wylie, MMW Claims has extensive personal injury experience and a wealth of legal expertise across a range of fields. Our excellent reputation and reliable nature, plus our specialism in industrial disease, make us a good choice for industrial disease claims across Northern Ireland.


‘Through my work as a coachbuilder I had developed vibration white finger. MMW were very informative and had an excellent manner. They were also very sympathetic to my condition. I was kept well informed of the progress of my case right up to the successful conclusion.'

Michelle McAuley

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Do you feel you have a case for an industrial disease claim? Contact our legal team today to discuss whether we're the right choice to continue your claim and achieve the outcome you're hoping for. As one of Northern Ireland's top personal injury solicitors, we ensure our clients receive the highest care and support standards throughout the process.

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