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    Why choose a hearing loss claims specialist solicitor?

    As reputable, reliable solicitors with extensive experience in hearing loss claims, MMW is the best choice for a successful outcome. We work with clients who have been exposed to noise in a variety of noisy jobs to ensure they receive fair compensation for their hearing loss claim. Whether you've worked in a factory, been employed in construction or in another noisy job our dedicated hearing loss team understands what you're going through.

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    Hearing loss claims 

    Experiencing hearing loss because of your workplace or public works is more common than you may think. Anything from profound and partial deafness to permanent tinnitus can be the result of a noisy environment, especially when appropriate protective equipment isn't offered to keep you safe. At MMW Personal Injury Claims, we have extensive experience handling hearing-loss claims in Northern Ireland where your hearing has been affected by circumstances outside of your control.

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    Industrial disease claims specialists

    While industrial disease is rarer than it once was, people across Northern Ireland can experience severe illness and lifelong health conditions because of their employer's negligence. Without the appropriate safety equipment, you may be at risk of serious disease – or you may already have been diagnosed with a long-standing condition as a result. Our expert team at Millar McCall Wylie handles all industrial disease cases with empathy, understanding and keen legal insight to achieve the best outcome for you.

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    What other industrial disease claims do we cover?

    Our highly specialised, qualified legal team are equipped to handle a wide array of different industrial disease claims. Whether you feel you've suffered harm due to exposure to asbestosis, repetitive strain injuries, COPD, asthma, vibration white finger, and hand-arm vibration syndrome, our expert legal team is on hand to ensure an empathetic and easy claims process.

    Our team are experts in hearing loss and industrial disease claims but we can also assist in any personal injury claim. We have helped clients who have been in road traffic accidents and accidents at work. We also assist victims of medical negligence. If you have been injured and it wasn’t your fault, speak to one of our team today.

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    • I cannot recommend Caroline highly enough. She explained everything that was going to happen the times scales involved and led me every step of the way. Very polite and professional throughout. Such a lovely lady.
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