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Have you experienced hearing loss due to someone else’ negligence?

Experiencing hearing loss because of your workplace or public works is more common than you may think. Anything from profound and partial deafness to permanent tinnitus can be the result of a noisy environment, especially when appropriate protective equipment isn't offered to keep you safe. At MMW Personal Injury Claims, we have extensive experience handling hearing-loss claims in Northern Ireland where your hearing has been affected by circumstances outside of your control.

Do you have hearing loss that wasn't your fault?

From loud machinery to industrial drilling, many industrial workplaces can involve excessive noise levels that can cause prolonged and even permanent harm to your ability to hear. As expert, specialist personal injury claims solicitors, we're highly qualified to help you claim compensation across a wide range of situations and circumstances where appropriate ear protection has not been provided. We understand the impact not being able to hear properly can have, from enjoying time with your friends and family to continuing in your line of work.

How can Millar McCall Wylie help?

We're a specialist personal injury claims lawyer in Northern Ireland with extensive experience in hearing-loss claims, alongside a wide range of other workplace compensation cases. More than fifty years of collective experience and excellent service quality make us the ideal choice for many individuals seeking compensation for hearing loss from employers or any other source.

We're a part of the well-known and highly regarded Millar McCall Wylie law firm, providing us access to the extensive expertise and knowledge of some of Northern Ireland's best legal minds. If you're seeking legal advice, working with our accredited and reliable team is the ideal way forward to achieve the best-possible outcome on your hearing loss case.


‘I had suffered with hearing loss as a result of my employment for years but didn’t think I could do anything about it. MMW took my case on and I couldn’t believe the compensation I got.’

Eric Porter

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