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Patrick’s Herdmans Hearing Loss Claim Settles for £19,500.00 (Sion Mills)

Patrick was employed by Herdmans in Sion Mills for approximately 17 years between 1987 and 2004. He was initially employed as a machine operator in the machine room and then went on to become a spinner in the spinning room in Herdmans. He was exposed to excessive noise from machinery in these parts of the mill on a daily basis during the course of his employment. Patrick was not provided with any ear protection.

Following his employment with Herdmans, Patrick noticed that his hearing was deteriorating. He started having difficulty with the telephone and family members noticed he had to increase the volume of the television and radio. Patrick also began to notice a ringing in his ears, which regularly delayed his onset of sleep at night and required him to use music as a masking device for his tinnitus symptoms in order to help him sleep.

Patrick contacted Millar McCall Wylie to discuss a potential hearing loss claim. He had heard about our extensive experience in the area of hearing loss and industrial disease claims from a former work colleague who also had an ongoing hearing loss claim with us.

We took initial instructions from Patrick and arranged for him to attend for a hearing test and consultation with a Consultant ENT Surgeon. The hearing test demonstrated evidence of Noise Induced Hearing Loss. The report from the Consultant ENT Surgeon attributed his hearing loss and tinnitus as due to his time working in Herdmans.

We sent a letter of claim to the insurers for Herdmans and subsequently issued legal proceedings. Following receipt of a defence medical report, we entered into discussions with the legal representatives of Herdmans and successfully negotiated a settlement of £19,500.00.

Millar McCall Wylie are successfully claiming hearing loss compensation for hundreds of industrial workers across Northern Ireland. If you worked in a noisy working environment and would like advice on a potential hearing loss claim, please contact Millar McCall Wylie on 0289020050 or click here.

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