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Have you sustained a personal injury due to someone else’s negligence?

Receiving an injury because of someone else's negligence or a failure to handle risks can be stressful and difficult for anyone. That's why our expert, empathetic team at Millar McCall Wylie are here to take your claim and ensure you receive the compensation necessary to cover accidents, injuries and life-changing incidents where you were not at fault. With a wide breadth of knowledge, our expert personal injury claim services in Northern Ireland are exactly what you need.

Have you received a personal injury in public or anywhere else?

Not all personal injury claims fit neatly under a specific type of claim. Our expert legal team understands that, and we work with a wide array of complex or less-common cases to achieve excellent outcomes. Whether you've slipped or tripped on public property or you've been injured through other circumstances that weren't your fault, our highly qualified solicitors can help make the process as smooth and easy as possible.

How can Millar McCall Wylie help?

Millar McCall Wylie provides you with the support and confidence to complete claims in an extensive range of different injuries and accidents with a commitment to offering our clients the best-possible service and care. Our extensive expertise and more than fifty years of collective experience allow us to provide you with results without the stress of a drawn-out or complicated legal process.

MMW Claims is a part of Millar McCall Wylie solicitors. This means we benefit from an excellent reputation, extensive legal expertise and complete accreditation to take on many different kinds of personal injury cases and claims. As specialists in personal injury claims, we're the best option for you.


‘MMW are the best around for claims. I have had 2 successful claims through the firm and I would not look past them.’

Fintan Burke

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