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Have you suffered as a result of medical negligence?

For most people, trusting in trained and qualified medical professionals is ingrained into us from a young age. That's why it can be particularly devastating if you experience an injury or health problems because of the negligence of a qualified dentist, doctor, surgeon or any other medical professional. With extensive experience in medical negligence cases, Millar McCall Wylie can help you receive the outcome you're looking for in Northern Ireland surgical, medical and dental negligence cases.

Have you been harmed due to medical negligence?

Medical negligence comes in many different forms, each of which can have a long-lasting impact on your physical health and trust in the people who are supposed to put you first. Whether a doctor has misdiagnosed you, you've experienced surgical negligence, or negligence at birth has led to long-lasting complications for yourself or your child, seeking legal advice for a claim is the best way to ensure you receive compensation.

How can Millar McCall Wylie help?

MMW Claims covers the whole spectrum of different medical negligence cases, from failures within the NHS to dental negligence and negligence within care homes of all types. Our empathetic and expert team understand the impact these kinds of cases have on our clients, and we work hard to ensure we achieve the best outcome, with minimal stress involved.

As part of the wider Millar McCall Wylie solicitors law firm, our highly trained team has the reputation and expertise to support you in even highly emotional or complex cases. With several specialists in medical negligence within our personal injury team, we're here to talk you through your claim and to make sure you are fairly compensated for injuries and medical issues that are not your fault.


'I was unfortunately involved in a claim arising out of medical negligence of a Doctor. This was a very stressful and worrying time for me. MMW put my mind at ease from the outset and I was very satisfied with the outcome to my claim. ‘


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